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Hello everyone
Here is the email I just received (11-01-2016)from Neal to ADCCC, and it makes the sentence (sorry for my bad English) I'm speechless thank you Paul for all you did to make known the heroes of forgotten comics and especially Garth

"Dear ADCCC customer,

It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of the ADCCC and Newspaper Daily Comic Strip Library with immediate effect. Following on from our last update in August 2015 when we said we would be taking a break from production due to poor health, we would like to update our customers that Paul has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This has been a huge shock to me and my family and we can no longer continue to put the time and resources into producing our newspaper comic strip booklets.

Between 2010 and 2015 it has been a joy to be a part of reproducing these forgotten comic strips from newspapers and visiting the British Library in London to track down missing strips or stories. My Dad's dedication and enthusiasm has been paramount throughout and we will sorely miss sharing your interest in the adventures and tales of these comic-book characters.

We thank you for all your custom and support and wish you the very best for 2016.

Neal & Paul

For any future correspondence please email or write to Neal Trotter, 20 Wreake Drive, Rearsby, Leicester, LE7 4YZ, England."

Important information to
Last week saw the FINAL INSTALMENT of 'Z File'. Unfortunately, this was the last Garth story printed in the Mirror in 1997, and it ended on an unresolved cliffhanger...
WELL... for those of you that have always wondered what might have happened to GARTH after he stepped into the 'Z File'... we will be running a BRAND NEW 100% unofficial fan version of the strip once a week exclusively to this page. It will be written and drawn by long time Garth fan and artist Bill Storie, with colouring from Ant Jones. The strip has been kindly approved by the guys at the Daily Mirror, so we thank them for letting us run this.
8-12-15 - Z FILE - PART 2: INFERNO!

Garth has, without any doubt, taken place in my life for several decades, when I have discovered in the French editor Aredit Artima (unfortunately closed since this period) in the 1970's. First, I have created several fanzines in the 1990's (only seen by my friends), Then, I have started to build my first blog made of 3 pages in 2001, which didn't mark the period.
In 2009, i worked on the construction V2, which was a still modest blog and which disappeared five months after because my work did not suit to me (I must say that my English friends did not have the idea to put online the adventures of this character, and I spent hours looking for a site dedicated to him unsuccessfully).
At last, 2012 i have created the version 3 of the site because in the meantime, I had learnt to build sites with this wonderful software Incomedia website X5, which nowadays, has increased to version 12. This has helped me a lot in my work, so here is the version 4 of the site, put on line in October 2015. I Hope you'll enjoy. - the creator of the site : wacoh05 -

Translated by Claude ETIENNE musician and comics collector and friend (link) translation completed on 15-03-2015 and Also by Cloé EDOUARD Mauritian girl.

My favorite character of comic strips, mostly the Stephen Philip Dowling period, the one who has created in 1943, in england, this atypical character (with Gordon Boshell), as strong as Hercule and very resourceful (in fact muscles and brain).
The adventures of Garth
have had several comics strip writers, (John Allard, Frank Bellamy and Martin Asbury) and have been published as strips in the Daily Mirror until 1977.
They have been colorized and republished since 2011 in this newspaper, (this time as 2 strips a day).
is a character who travels in time, or by the reincarnation, or by the way of a cape and a helmet, or time machines, further to a blow on his head or even when he’s asleep. His adventures are a mix of science-fiction, fantasy (*), romances, and intrigues with new development.
This character is awesome because he has not any super power, he just can count on his colossal strength and his imagination.
At his second adventure he meets the Professor Jules Lumière
, a french man who is a genius, and who will be in nearly all adventures of the hero.
The creator Stephen Philip Dowling,
(also known as Steve Dowling) with his « naive » drawing, takes us in adventures who last for months (one strip a day in the Daily Mirror). For example, « the seven ages of garth » : 16 months.
And surprising fact for that time, there are a lot of charming and nearly naked female characters, who have been retouched in several countries…

Animated gif 21 covers ( P.E.I France) year 1949

On the animated gif, at the right of the screen, the 21 covers of the adventures of Garth, published in the « Collection Merveilleuse » (PEI) from the january 01st, 1949 until the december 01st, 1949, at the rate of 2 magazines a month (1 and 15), every review (21 all in all) accounts 12 pages in the size 18 x 27 and afterward the magazine will merge with the adventures of Captain Marvel (Version France) from the number 50 (sev. Sources including wikipf, thanks).
A few years ago when internet was just at its beginning, I have found some of these magazines at parisian secondhand booksellers at really exagerated prices and not always in very good state (I unfortunately only own 3 of these magazines, the numbers 9, 14, and 16).
has known the publication of around thirty stories (that I own) at diverse publishers in magazines such as :
RetrospectiveBD, Collection Merveilleuse, Aredit/Artima, Charlie Mensuel, Pierre Charles, Focus et Poco.
Why this site ? simply I have written to publishers tens to ask for a reprinted or the publication of unknown stories (166 all in all) and none of them has answered to me. In parallel of the construction of this site, I am doing the translation several stories that I managed to get in italian or in english, I have also found some of them in turkish or in indian (but for the translation…)

For info : in the Timeline tab is mentioned 167 adventures but the story "The Troll" was reprinted after a paternity issue on history.

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