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In Australia the editors Atlas Publication have also published from 1948 to 1956, the adventures of Garth of the period Stephen Philip Dowling.
This publication with 2 sizes : 11 issues of a large size and 12 of a classic size from #12 to the #24. I did not have the opportunity to get only 1 issue of this australian production.
(i have just received a mail from an australian guy who has sent this page to me The quest of Gray of 36 pages) see down below :

Garth has been published (probably as strips) in the Melbourne Herald (which has become The Melbourne Sun, if I’m right.)

Garth Book 1 - "Running Out of Time" de Budget Books, Melbourne en 1988, si la couverture laisse imaginer que c'est une reprise de Frank Bellamy " People of the Abyss", l'album contient 2 histoires de Martin Asbury ('Outlaws' et 'Vengeance of Venn')

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