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Captain Freeman

From the ashes of Garth by Steve Dowling comes Freeman of armed services, critically acclaimed by the comic web of Huw-J. Integrating the story's arcs “ Ragnarock's Gold” and “King of New York”, this collection brings us to long ago when the spirit of adventure and of good action of the time reigned. A percentage of all the incomes of this book will be donated to the foundation Help for Heros. (This is the translation that is found on internet)

So, in contrary to what I have said on Huw-J who was the last designer of Garth, it seems (if someone could confirm it) that this character Captain Freeman accompanied by “Professeur Burroughs” was rather a clone saga inspired by Garth.I have not read this story because unfortunately the drawings did not inspire me as it is too close to manga and it exists in english only ( sorry if it shocks some of you, but I prefer the naïve pencil of Stephen Philip Dowling). There is a website which permits to read it in VO in its integrality but I will not transmit the link for the reasons you know.

For those who want to read these two stories,you can download them among others on ComiXology at 3,99$ link

Or on the website Forbidden Planet at 8,94 £ link

Or on the website instocktrades but for a price a bit higher at 14,86 $ link.

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