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The different cartoonist have followed one another, of course the creator in the close by photo Stephen Philip Dowling who has been assuming the drawing of his character from 1943 to 1968 (25 years), until the last story « The Time Lock ». (The scenario of the episode #1 had been written with Don Freeman).
His drawing which is, at the beginning, rather common, will evolve afterward with finer lines and better constructed com-partments. He will take the pen again in 1970 for a short story of Garth
«  Garth in space » with his friend John Allard and Ken Roscoe, where you will be able to discover this story of 6 pages (VO).
He is as well known for other characters (follow this link in english) and a well documented article of newspaper released in HOP74
(link in french)
He passed away in 1986, 82 years old (1904/1986).

John Allard, born in 1928, has been supporting Stephen P. Dowling to the drawing from his age of 15 years old, in 1943, and he will take up the torch, alone, for 9 stories from 1968 to 1971 (see the tab chronology) with a short break. During this time Dick Hailstone will support the creator 1946/1948 (6 stories), then from 1971 to 1972 he will participate of the three first stories by Frank Bellamy (sundance, The cloud of Balthus, The orb of Trimandias).(See the tab of HOP74) (link in french)
Frank Bellamy
(1917/1976) has drawn the aventures of Garth from 1971 to 1976 and these 6 years are the ones where the drawings are the most successful. He will pass away during the creation of « The man hunt », achieved by Martin Asbury, who will take the torch from 1976 to 1997 (but I must admit that this period hasn’t been so great to me). In 2008, Huw J.Davies will take again an adventure of Garth (this one with a drawing near of a manga is easy to download on the web, because several sites propose it at the HAYENA édition and it’s simply called « the return of Garth »).

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