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Garth is the Mirror’s time-travelling comic strip superhero. The strip originally ran from 1943 to 1997. Due to public demand, reprints of classic stories began in 2011 (Colorist Martin Baines, Also Ant Jones).
Martin Baines currently does crayon as Garth adventures of Frank Bellamy and Martin Asbury.
For copyright reasons I propose that the 1 st page to read the adventures you have to go on the Daily Mirror website.
All Garth adventures are not colorized in chronological order, is it a choice of Martin or decision of the Daily Mirror ?

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68 - Sundance ( Bellamy -Allard - Edgar)
69 - The Cloud Of Balthus (Bellamy-Edgar)
70 - The Orb of Trimandias (Bellamy-Edgar)
71 - Wolfman Of Ausensée (Bellamy-Edgar)
72 - People Of The Abyss (Bellamy-Edgar)
73 - The Women Of Galba (Bellamy-Edgar)
74 - Ghost Town (Bellamy-Edgar)
75 - The Mask Of Atacalma (Bellamy-Edgar)
76 - The Wreckers (Bellamy-Edgar)
77 - The Beast Of Ultor (Bellamy-Edgar)
79 - The Bride Of Jenghiz Khan (Bellamy-Edgar)
80 - The Angels of Hell's Gap (Bellamy-Edgar)
81 - The Doomsmen (Bellamy-Edgar)
82 - The Bubble Man (Bellamy-Edgar)
83 - The Beautiful People (Bellamy-Edgar)
84 - The Spanish Lady (Bellamy-Edgar)
85 - The Man Hunt (Bellamy-Asbury-Edgar)
86 - Ship Of Secrets (Asbury-Edgar)
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