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The paradox

This article is under reserve because the following informations have not been completely checked.
I thought that the english readers have had the possibility of reading the completeness of the stories of Garth
(166 stories), which is not the case of the other countries, but I forgot to tell that it has lasted 72 years.
The stories of Stephen Dowling
or John Allard have  been published only once as daily strips, and never reedited.
Contrary to the stories drawn by Bellamy
and Asbury who have been put in albums of bookshops for some of them, and published as colorized versions, by Martin Baines in the Daily Mirror since 2011.

I make this report, that probably the english readers have not been able to read the stories published between 1943 and 1973, except if they have bought, certainly with any difficulties, the editions in english, published in Australia, New Zeland
or any other countries. This by taking into account of the language barrier. It means that young people between 18 and 30 years old, know Garth only by these 2 authors.
So, I congratulate the initiatives such as the english association ADCCC
which allows, for registration and finance, to be able to buy these quality reprintings.

I have written to the Daily Mirror
for asking pictures of John Allard, Jim Edgar and Dick Hailstone because i wanted, by the way of this site, make the faces of these pioneers known. These people have created the character of Garth and his circle of acquaintances, but this newspaper has not answered to me.

You can keep searching on the web (like I do) and you won’t see any photo of them.
For Stephen Dowling
, we’ve got 2 or 3 photos, but always the same. For John Allard, who has worked on this character until the age of 66, and for Jim Edgar who has worked on during a period of 26 years, it should be only fair that the readers know their faces.

But it happens that sometimes the creators stay in the shade of their creations.


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