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For France 46 adventures of Garth have been published (33 by Stephen Philip Dowling, 12 by Frank Bellamy and 2 by Martin Asbury), the first stories have been published in the SAGE ‘s « Collection Merveilleuse » from 1949 to 1950 (the adventures #4 to #10 in the size of 12 pages).                     
Then, in « Capitaine Marvel
 » magazine, issues #50 to #69 (unfortunately I have found only 6 covers) 2 adventures :  #3 and #11.                                                                                 
After that, at Aredit/ Artima
with « Aventures fiction » 2nd série (7 adventures), « Etranges Aventures » (7 adventures), « La Maison du Mystére » (5 adventures) and taken back in « Aventures Fiction » 4th série, the same adventures of Garth which had been published in the second serie in 8 issues. Then, in POCO 10 an adventure with 10 pages missing, so there are 12 pages kept on the 22 (why this i have no info about it).
Then, at Pierre Charles
(6 Adventures on 3 issues), Focus (3 adventures on 1 issue), also at RETROspective BD 1-8- et 14-15-16-17 (3 Adventures) and Charlie Mensuel 116-122-136 (3 Adventures).
In  Banco #7 to #9, there is an adventure called « Le Justicier contre les Destructeurs » : « the avenger vs the destroyers » (I suppose that it has been called The Doomsmen). No cover for it, At last, at the Fulmar 1 (1 adventure), and Le Carrousel des comics (1 adventure). 
So if any french editors could get interest to the character, there could be a lot of work with the 121 untold adventures. (for myself i could sign for the Stephen Dowling 30 missing stories.)

Thank you to Hubert professor of French who sent me the covers of Captain Marvel 50-69 (52-53 lack it subsequently transmit them to me)

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