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GARTH in color

Since the creation in 1943, the Adventures of Garth have been published in black and white, but since 2011 at the request of the DAILY MIRROR, an English colorist Martin BAINES has worked for the putting in colors of this comic strip (this, for comic stories by Frank BELLAMY and Martin ASBURY, but none of Stephen DOWLING or John ALLARD). But in the past, the Camillo CONTI editions in ITALY in the magazine "Il Giornali dell Avventura" had a few colorized stories with very dull colors and a red cast in 1975.
After a good search of the issues of that time, the versions found on the internet would cost around € 500 = 371 £.
Down below you’ll see a few boards found on the web.
The editions Camillo CONTI also published in Luxury album version (6 albums including the first stories of Garth period Stephen Philip DOWLING numbers 1-6 with 5 stories by album, and also 3 albums of the period Frank BELLAMY (the issues 13 to 15) are still easily found.  
It’s also quite easy to find these albums, if you search on italian sites like FUMETTO ON LINE at an average price of € 50 = 37 £, for each published.
Album dating 1975.


   Currently the colorization working Martin BAINES       

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