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The 1st story simply named « Garth », the character fails on a beach on a mysterious island or an unknown land. (it’s a 40 pages story) or rather 158 strips (it depends of the cutting).
This story has been published in 1979 at RETROSPECTIVE BD
on 4 issues 14-15-16-17.

This is the 4th story « The Seven ages of Garth », made of 413 strips, or 83 pages,  the publication in the DAILY MIRROR has lasted 6 months.
In France
, it has been published in the 7 first issues of the « COLLECTION MERVEILLEUSE » in 1949, see the covers at the homepage of this site. The bubbles are empty because i am still doing the translation, but as this story is long enough, it will take time (unfortunately).

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