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It is the fifth story drawn by Martin Asbury, published in the album number 1 of Pierre Charles in 1979, the title « Finality Factor » with «  the demon in the sphere », Garth and Prof. Lumiere learn by the newspapers that an alien ship has landed on our planet. They go on site, and both of the occupants, Volska and Marila have been surrounded by a journalistic troop. With the help of a translating robot, they explain that the are on Earth for making reparations of the ship, and that they have been hunted by another galaxy beings. Our 2 friends bring their support to these 2 refugees.

Here is the eighth story and the last one drawn by Martin Asbury, which has been published in France in the album number 2 of Pierre Charles in 1979 (he has drawn all in all, 81 episodes, so he is the artist who has drawn the most. For 8 episodes he was alone to do the complete work). Only 3 of his stories of Garth have been published in France, and that’s is not justice for his work.
A space probe disapeears in what seems to be a black hole, Garth
and the Prof Lumière investigate and Garth goes in a space rocket to try to resolve the enigma. But he is snatched in his turn by this phenomenom. After he has landed on a planet very similar to ours, but an inverted one, he will cross different periods on this strange place. The title «  Voyage into Time » but with differences compared with the story of our Planet.  *

And of course, this is the last story of Garth in France, so there’s nothing anymore since 1980. **

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