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Indrajal Comics an indian editor, has also published the adventures of Garth in english and indian , stories in colors with a drawing next to Martin Asbury but no signed. You can click on the covers for expanding them.

14 issues on Garth have been published in the 1990’s. I have not found a lot of things on the web about the authorization of their publication, and who are the artists who produced these nice adventures. The issue 21 n=12 has the title "The Iron Maidens" and the adventure 97 by Absbury has the same title but is it the same story ? (I don’t know anything about that but I have not many stories by Absbury on my own), and several other issues Indrajal look like other titles of Asbury, if that’s it, WHY have they changed the names ? (see on this site).

On the other hand, the first 2 issues #420 and #429 have been drawn by Martin Asbury (« The Fiendish mission » which corresponds at the #86, « Mr Rubbio Calls » and « The Tormenting Spectre » which  corresponds at #90 « The Long Sleep ») and have been colorized (I own these 2 stories.)

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