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Jim L'Eclair


I have read somewhere,not far ago,that this character,created by the brothers Alfred ( Scenario) and Edmond (Drawings) Marcouletta in 1950 was a mixture of Brick Bradford ( Luc Bradefer in France) and of Garth (I have read only two episodes but I have not made the reconciliation with Garth rather with Flash Gordon). On the internet is passing on an error like what Flash Gordon was inspired by Jim l'Eclair,which is impossible because this latter has been created by the famous Alex Raymond in1934 which is sixteen years old ( he is also the creator of Rip Kirby the detective). So I consider this character as the clone of Garth but with great reserve of me.
Half of these informations have been transmitted to me by Wilfrid Saint James from South Africa, Thanks to him.

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