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Several of my italian friends have asked me to add this character as a new clone of GARTH. The origine of this character is italian, born in 1964 and his name is KOLOSSO.
In spite of his stature and his strength, he's only 16 years old and like Garth, he travels in the past. He has a lot of different adventures, and has to face aliens, robots, gangsters. He participates in olympics of his period, comes back to the far-west, in fact just like Garth does. But, if i have well understood, he's not interested in the women and this makes him a hero for the gay italian community. But, it's just a good fun for these artists : Mauro Faustinelli, Carlo Porciani, Lorenzo Orlandi, Pier Carpi, Alfredo Castelli for the Scénarii, Carlo Porciani, Franco Paludetti, Antonio Canale, Carlo Cossio, Virginio Muzzi, Gino Marchesi for the drawings.
Much to my regret, i haven't read one of his stories and i have not found anything about him in France (of course, if somebody has trails of this hero, please contact me by the tab "contact" on the site, thanks!) It has been published to the italian size until the number 70 and from the 71 to the 104 to the french format.

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