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The person who told me graciously translated the English version of the site called Claude ETIENNE is a composer, guitarist, arranger, photographer and video etc ... who shares with me the passion Hero (Stephen P. DOWLING view) called Garth and characters that surround especially Professor Pierre Lumiere (French Lomiére name and the rest of the world), it is through my column mail I've known for the past 1 year and half we correspond by mail or phone regularly.
In my turn I decided to help him by repeating his personal website (I would inform you when it will be online).
And he taught me one thing that makes me happy is that for one of these albums he composed a song called "Garth and Lumiére professor" which is a piece of the album "Long Distances "album that you will discover on its future site (or rediscover for some as it dates from 1993).
He agreed to forward it for me that you can also listen to, so I added below the title.
Thank you to our friend Claude (provisional translation).
Garth And the Professor Lumiére
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