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Passage witness

The adventures
Stephen Philip Dowling creator to Garth drawings leaves the character with the adventure "Mind Destroyer" is the 59th Garth adventure in 1969 so he drew the character for 26 years, to take a well deserved retirement (can be a somewhat forced by the Daily Mirror, which was his rather mediocre drawing (based on items that were reported to me and read on the internet so I do not know if it's the truth) but I repeat myself this is my favorite period character.
But in 1970 he came out of retirement he draws a short history of 6 pages with the screenplay Ken Roscoe titled "Garth in Space".
Below the last board of Mind Destroyer I have found that by Indie (and very bad quality) and the last board of Garth In Space.
Provisional translation pending that of Claude
The first story of John Allard solo entitled "The Rohan Legend", so the 60th Garth appeared in 1969, but do not forget that since 1943, where he became assistant Stephen Philip Dowling to build the sets for each story, so it's not a novice, so its first board is the latter, below and the last is that of "Journey into Fear" published in 1971 so the 67th adventure Garth (I do owns in Turkish).
Mea culpa voluntary on my part when I say last story that's not quite true because next page.

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