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England, the country of the adventures of Garth, is by the other hand, the country where there have been less covers because of the publications in the Daily Mirror as a daily strip from 1943 to 1997. (the adventures drawn by Frank Bellamy and Martin Asbury have been taken again since 2011 and colorized by Martin Baines as 2 daily strips a day by week in this Daily Mirror (a remarquable work) but a few adventures have been edited again in albums. See the covers below. (unfortunately I have not been able to find again all the covers of the Daily Strips).  For details, in 2008, Huw J.Davies has tried to take back the adventures of Garth (but the informations are rare and I must admit that his drawing doesn’t suit me).The adventures of Garth have also been taken back in a colorized version by Martin Baines in Spaceship away.

Info : about this animated gif besides, it’s an association of enthusiasts of english comic strips which has re-edited for its members the strips of Garth (among others) as a quality collection, asking for that service an annual contribution. I can imagine the incredible work, knowing that i have been doing  the same work, with only 3 adventures of Garth. (months of work for translating, inking, colorizing, especially the Stephen Philip Dowling drawings (who, in my opinion, has never imagined that someone could try to colorize his drawings when he was alive).                                                          
Ndr : I won’t say anything more on this association because they have a deal of exclusive distribution with the Daily Mirror and I do respect their choice. (see here the details of the publications that, i repeat, is reserved for their members).
I have just bought from them 13 adventures of Garth (at a reasonable price), received in 1 week, well packed and it’s in the form of fastened albums with a thick paper of great quality, very well realized, and well arranged strips. Only one adventure : « The static zone » is missing, but it’s still in pre-paration. I should receive it later (Thanks to Paul for his sending).

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