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Another curiosity this time, it does not concern a clone of Garth but of the change of the hero's name (The Croatia had renamed Garth as Gart, eliminating the “h”). Moreover, South Africa beated everyone on the magazines translated in Afrikaans (I have already mentioned it in the tab “World Publication”) by changing Garth to Van Adriaan in some titles and Van Gideon in others (adding to this blond name,Garth became a redhead (why not!). I found this information on the website of George Van Der Riet.
Someone can tell me why there is in the same country two different names of Garth,I have asked the question to George through message but he did not know the answer. So if someone could inform me about this through the tab contact me, you are welcome.

In any case thanks to George for this information.

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Apparently your adventures were published in a magazine named Brandwag March 18, 1955; August 26, 1955 and October 7, 1955.

I have found no information about this publication.

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